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Poker Bluff or Not to Bluff

The bluff is a huge part of a poker game. A bluff that is good and well-timed can help a successful player take home the pot. Most poker players do not talk about bluffs and most of them think that it is seldom used.

We all should agree that bluffing makes the game more interesting and exciting. Bluffing and knowing how to read a bluff is a useful skill.

Other players might predict your actions often if you do not bluff. Being too honest at the poker table might not help you in your strategy. A little help from bluffing can help you maximize your chance of winning the game.

If you have a chance to bluff, bluff. Make sure that you bluff with proper timing. Aside from learning to bluff at the right time, you should also know how to read other player's bluff.

You should recognize a bluff the minute you hear or see it. It can help you with the next move you might take. Proper timing is an important factor is bluffing, and this is the first thing that you should know.

Bluffing is proper with the following situations:

1. Bluff if you are in a position to do so.

Usually the perfect position at the table to bluff is when you are positioned at the last part. Being at the last position you will be able to study your opponent's movements and hands.

2. Bluff if you know the type of opponents you have.

Bluff only with the proper player. Your bluff may not take effect on weak players. You should know what type your opponent's are so you will know if you are good to make a bluff or not.

3. Bluff also depends with size of the pot.

This is where your good judgment put to use. Most often some players tend to call when the pot if bigger. A good bluff in this kind of situation can be very rewarding.

4. Bluff is appropriate only with the right number of opponent.

It is ideal not to bluff with too many players at the table. Bluffing can often be effective only with about one to two players only.

5. Bluff is needed if it is necessary to do so in a board.

See if your opponent may be hit, chances are this is the best time for you to bluff.

6. Bluff comes with your table image.

If you bluff then caught by your opponents, you will have a very slim chance of succeeding a bluff next time. Consider your image at the table and think how your opponents think of you.

7. Bluff if you are good at reading your opponent's skills.

If you are good at reading skills you will have a good advantage of winning a good bluff. Reading skills is one of the most important and difficult skills to master. But this is worth mastering if you can take home the biggest pot.

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