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How Important is Proper Poker Etiquette?

Whether or not you are playing on the professional table, poker etiquette still plays a great part in terms of creating camaraderie and a comfortable and enjoyable setting. You can even use poker etiquette to your game advantage. How? - By, creating the best atmosphere so you are able to concentrate well on your game, instead of being bothered by unnecessary trouble. More importantly, observing good poker etiquette could gain you the respect you could not have earned whether or not you win the pot money. In short, win or lose, you still end up with a little bit of your good-natured pride.

Here are some the most important social conducts to observe while playing poker: 1. Act like a champion - civilized - though you're game is not. 2. Do not boast. So what if you win the round. The game isn't over yet. And though people may know that you are good in the game, they have the option of NOT inviting to the game. You can express your excitement by saying things like, "That was so lucky." 3. Do not criticize your opponent's play. Respect that players have different strategies. You may not know that you still have a lot to learn from other players. Not leaving others to play as they wish is probably the worse, though covert, act of rudeness. 4. Do not harass or intimidate other players, especially with the use of foul language. Learn to play clean and fair. When a friend jokes on you while you are having a bad time, just don't take it too seriously. Always check your temper. Observe healthy competition. 5. Don't throw fits when bad beats happen to you. Just remain silent, or even complement your opponent with "Nice catch" or "Nice hand." Instead, focus on your cards to better your game. 6. You should also remember that the forgetfulness of the rules shows an utter lack of poker etiquette. Even the minute gestures of folding your card could tell if you are a sophisticated player. More so, conforming to these poker etiquette standards keep the good flow of the game: 1. Do not waste precious time. Decide on your plays carefully, but don't take more than 5-minutes. 2. Stack your betted chips neatly, for the dealer and other players to see. 3. Bet on your turn only. 4. Show each of your hands in proper (and consistent) order. 5. Fold your cards neatly. No throwing or anything like such. 6. Announce what you're doing. This will avoid misunderstandings such as when you are only leaving your cards on the table but not actually folding. 7. Observe your rules of card-showing. Show-one, then show-all. 8. Make your own decisions. Don't annoy your opponents by asking advice from your pal while playing. 9. Do not let excessive conversation interrupt the game. 10. Don't swear on the dealer of dealing you bad cards.

Whether you win or not, observing these proper poker etiquette will show how good a sport you are, hence giving you another chance to join (and win) the next poker game.

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