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Club World Casinos Continues US Operations

Club World Casinos announced that they would continue accepting US players, even after the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has been approved and signed by President Bush. The online casino operator gave the following full statement:

With all the sensationalism in the news, you may be wondering how the new bill will affect the ability of players to wager online at Club World Casinos.

The new Bill did not make online casinos illegal and did not have any legal impact on players; players will not be guilty of an offence under this Bill. The Bill referred to illegal gaming operations, which online casino shave never been proven to be.

Club World Casinos continue to take USA players, and Affiliates will continue to earn revenue from USA players referred to Club World Casinos. Affiliates derive increased benefits from driving traffic to Club World Casinos because we are a stand alone casino brand that has enormous player appeal. Affiliates benefit from high conversion rates plus excellent player lifetime values.

Many of the other affiliate programs may have ceased providing you with a casino platform to which you can send your USA players. Club World Casinos offers you the opportunity to continue earning from USA traffic. In addition, if you struggle to send new traffic to older casino brands because they already hold account registrations for the players you send or if you are not receiving ongoing income from players previously referred to these brands, then CWCAffiliates offers you a fantastic chance to improve your conversion rates and revive your monthly earnings.

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